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Audio Book Instructions

Download Audio Books! 

What you Need

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OverDrive Media Console is a free, easy-to-use application that handles all aspects of your download media experience.

OverDrive Media Console is a free application designed to use the OverDrive titles available for download at many public library and retail websites. Built with the user in mind, OverDrive Media Console makes downloading easy and convenient. It offers a variety of playback and title navigation options including multiple playspeeds, bookmarking, and a 'resume from most recently played point' button. For those who prefer to take their content 'to go,' OverDrive Media Console has built-in Transfer and Burn Wizards, allowing users to transfer OverDrive titles to portable devices and burn to CD in just a few clicks. OverDrive Media Console is an all-in-one solution for enjoying OverDrive titles.

Download OverDrive Titles.

OverDrive titles are often divided into 'Parts' to make downloading quick and easy. Each Part of an OverDrive MP3 Audiobook is no larger than 36MB. This means that you can begin to enjoy a typical title after one Part has finished downloading (approximately 2 minutes on a high speed Internet connection) instead of waiting for an entire book to download (approximately 12 minutes on a high speed Internet connection). If only a given Part is of interest, you can simply download that desired Part.


There is no need to stay at your computer to enjoy OverDrive titles - OverDrive Media Console includes an integrated Transfer Wizard so you can take OverDrive titles with you on-the-go. Simply connect a supported portable device to your computer, and in just a few clicks, the OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard sends OverDrive titles to your device for listening anywhere. The Transfer Wizard allows you to decide which Parts to transfer, and notifies you if there is not enough storage space on the device to transfer the selected Parts.

Take more titles to more destinations.

With OverDrive Media Console v3.2, the vast majority of OverDrive WMA Audiobooks can be transferred to the iPod® and the iPhone™! To ensure quality sound while minimizing file transfer times, Transfer Wizard will prompt you to adjust your iTunes® settings (if desired) before you begin a transfer. If you do adjust your settings, once the transfer is complete, Transfer Wizard displays a recap of your original settings as well as detailed steps on restoring iTunes to its original settings. Additionally, if you're a fan of iTunes and enjoy OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks, you can now specify iTunes and/or your portable device as a destination in the course of completing a file transfer. Finally, OMC v3.2 offers enhanced support for the iPod shuffle® -- with iTunes v8.1 (or newer) installed, you can now use Transfer Wizard to send OverDrive content to most iPod shuffles.


OverDrive Media Console offers a built-in Burn Wizard, allowing you to burn audio titles to CD (where permitted by the publisher) in just a few clicks. With OMC v3.2, the Burn Wizard works on all supported operating systems and offers the convenience of completing a 'test burn' before committing any data to disk. Enjoy the convenience of MediaMarker navigation on your CDs; Burn Wizard creates a new track on CD for each MediaMarker in each Part. Select individual Parts to burn to CD, or burn the entire title - the OverDrive Media Console Burn Wizard provides options to suit your needs. You don't need to install additional software; everything you need is incorporated into OverDrive Media Console.

Play & Navigate.

Parts are divided into logical sections, such as chapters for audiobooks. The beginning points of these sections are MediaMarkers™, which are displayed as hyperlinks. When you click on a Part, the MediaMarkers associated with that Part are displayed. Simply click on a MediaMarker to jump directly to, and begin play at, the MediaMarker. OverDrive Media Console also includes the conveniences of skipping back 15 seconds, advancing to the point furthest played, a variety of playspeed options, and bookmarking.


OverDrive Media Console automatically creates and maintains a comprehensive library of downloaded media in a logical folder hierarchy. As you download new titles, OverDrive Media Console adds them to the appropriate folder(s). The organization system is customizable, allowing you to create new folders to suit your needs. Within each folder, titles can be sorted by title, creator, date acquired, expiration date (when applicable), and date last played. If a title expires, OverDrive Media Console prompts you to delete the unusable files from your library, helping you keep downloaded titles organized.